Electro Powder Recycling Machine

Electro Powder Recycling Machine

Product Details:

  • General Use metal coating
  • Type Adhesive Coating Machine, Industrial Coating Machine, Metal Coating Machine, Powder Coating Machines
  • Coating Head Other
  • Coating Material Other
  • Computerized No
  • Heating System Electric
  • Drive Type Electric
1000.00 - 1500.00 USD ($)/Set

Price And Quantity

  • 1 Set
  • 1000.00 - 1500.00 USD ($)/Set

Product Specifications

  • Electric
  • Electric
  • No
  • No
  • Low Energy Consumption, High Precision, Coating
  • metal coating
  • Other
  • Adhesive Coating Machine, Industrial Coating Machine, Metal Coating Machine, Powder Coating Machines
  • Other

Trade Information

  • Letter of Credit (L/C), Letter of Credit at Sight (Sight L/C), Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Western Union, Paypal
  • Asia, Australia, Central America, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • All India

Product Description

WD-1H-HTF is composed of 
Powder recycling system
Coating room,
Coating gun

Powder recycling system:
1 class /2 classes /3 classes 
Filters Qty varies according to the coating room size and powder recycling system classes
recycling power collection mode can be in bag/drawer 
powder sucking pump size varies according to the coating room size

Coating room material:
coated cold rolled steel / non-stainless steel

Coating room size:
designed according to the coating parts size and production capacity

Coating parts supporter:
Hook type/through type

Coating gun: is composed of 

Coating gun (powder coating system)manual 
Input voltage Input power Work voltage Output voltage Hi-pot installation mode
40W DC24V 0-24V Built in
Max electro-static output voltage Max output current Power cable Output Hi-pot Powder coating gun weight
100UA About 4 meters 0-100KV negative About 425g

No dismantle the hi-pot modules in the gun.
No replace any original units in the main board.
No tighten the pressure regulating valve without read the air pressure meter.
No gun fire without the ground wire connection.
No measure the electric parameter or decomposition for the main body, no touch to the part by the discharge rod through the electricity process or in the working area.
The electro-static output voltage is much high. No touch to the discharge rod at the end of the gun.
Do the de-oiling, de-rusting, and de-dusting treatment with the part, recommend phosphating treatment before coating.
Do the oil-water separate with the hi-pot air used in the electro-static powder coating.
Do the good grounding wire connection with the grounding terminal of the system and good induction to the part.
III. Operation and maintenance
1.before the power on, check every circuit both the electricity and air. Ensure they are ok and the equipment is reliable grounding connection. (after power on, check the shell with electricity or not by the electricity testing pen, till it is verified no electricity, and then run it.)
2.powder coating (spraying):after adjustment, slightly swing the gun, coating the part vertically. Provided fiercely swinging the gun affect the powder coating quality. After working, dismantle the pressing nut (the gun head sleeve) and clean the motor rod and powder disperse sleeve.
3.place them in queue according to the dismantle steps. Regularly clean the lining pipe (the copper pipe inserted into the powder) to the powder absorption pump as it is easily got jam by the sticky powder. Clean the thread of the nut before the installation. Attention: dismantle or assembly the gun head need be done by the skillful technician.
4.the fluidizing board in the powder barrel is fragile product, don't put heavy item or any other item inside, also don't slash it.
5.don't crash the hard item by the gun head.
6.the hanging hooker need be regularly cleaned to ensure good grounding wire connection to achieve qualified coating.
7.the powder used in the coating need be ensured dry.
8.after coating, clean every powder pipe by the air.
9.regularly do the maintenance for the gun and the relative facility as the air compressor, oil-water separator etc.
10.powder feeding and powder disperse sleeve are wear parts, replace them in time.
11.regularly check the air pipe, powder pipe.
12.be surely the powder and air source be dry.
13.The normal working relies on the electro-static absorption effect principle. Keep the working environment dry to ensure the hi-pot electro-static can work well. Especially ensure the gun be dry and clean.(if any contamination substance left in the gun, it is easily absorb moisture and electricity shock, which affect the coating quality and gun life.
14.grounding wire connection: it has the grounding cable, at the installation moment, be surely to connect with the coating room, and better to have the specially used grounding rod for the coating room. Part, hanging device, rack should be connected with the coating room ground wire, to avoid discharge sound resulting from improper grounding connection.
15.avoid unevenly powder feeding: if the equipment appears unevenly powder feeding, normally it comes from powder feeding pressure and coating pressure is incorrect.
IV. Trouble shooting

Trouble Possible reason Solution
Color difference 1.oven temperature is much high or much low.
2.curing time too long or too short.
3.inadequate exhaust in the oven
1.adjut the oven temperature
2.adjust the chain speed or curing time
3.check exhaust system or increase the exhaust holes.
Orange peel grain 1.coating layer is too thin or too thick.
2.oven temperature rising speed is too fast or too slow.
3.curing temperature is much low.
4.the powder is expired.
5.powder atomization is not good.
1.adjust the gun parameter or the chain speed
2.check and adjust the oven.
3.adjust the oven curing temperature.
4.replace the powder or contact the powder supplier.
5.adjust the powder atomization.
Shrink hole 1.it is not compatible with other suppliers' powder.
2.inadequte pre-treatment with the part.
3.it was contaminated by the incompatible substance.
4.any oil or over water contained in the compressed air.
1.clean the coating system absolutely.
2.check the pre-treatment
3.check any incompatible substance in the coating area.
4.check the air source and install the filter.
Pin hole 1.coating thickness is much
2.the part with water
3.coating voltage is too high
4.gun distance is much close
5.the powder got moisture
1.reduce the coating thickness.
2.preheating the part
3.reduce the gun voltage
4.adjust the gun distance
5.contact the powder supplier.
Bad absorption 1.inadequate pre-treatment
2.inadequate coating layer curing
3.coating is too thick
4.part change
1.check the pre-treatment equipment and pre-treatment liquid.
2.check the oven temperature, extend the curing time.
3.adjust the coating parameter and reduce the coating thickness
4.contact the part supplier.
Bad coating in the groove 1.inadequate pre-treatment before coating
2.coating mist is too wide
3.the part grounding connection is not good
4.coating voltage is too much high
5.gun distance is too big
6.powder feeding pressure is too small or too big
7.the powder is too thin
1.adjust the gun angle to let the powder against the groove directly.
2.use small choke nozzle or contact the gun supplier.
3.check the hanging device and grounding cable.
4.reduce the coating voltage
5.shorten the gun distance
6.adjust the powder feeding pressure.
7.reduce the recycling powder ratio.
Bad coating rate 1.inappropriate part grounding connection
2.inappropriate gun voltage
3.powder got moisture
4.fill in too much recycling powder.
5.inappropriate hanging device design
6.gun pressure is too big
7.coating room exhaust is too strong
8.gun electrode got damage
9.powder stays in the electrode
2.check the gun, clean the gun or replace the gun
3.replace the powder or contact with the powder supplier
4.reduce the recycling powder ratio
5.redesign the hanging device and reduce the shielding
6.reduce the coating pressure
7.reduce the exhaust
8.replace the electrode
9.clean the electrode
Bad impact or flexibility 1.inadequate curing with the coating layer
2.bad quality part or pre-treatment
3.coating layer is too much thick
4.the part change
5.checking temperature is too low
1.check the oven temperature
2.check the part or pre-treatment liquid
3.reduce the coating thickness
4.contact with the part supplier
5.place it for a while >20oC,and then for checking
Dreg 1.some dust left in the part
2.recycling powder passes through the sieve
3.the powder coating line is not clean
4.the sieve holes is too big for the recycling powder.
5.any dreg in the supplying powder.
1.do the pre-treatment carefully with the part
2.sieve the recycling powder.
3.clear the powder room, recycling device, transporting line and hanging device.
4.replace the smaller holes sieve for the recycling powder.
5.contact with the powder supplier.
Unevenly powder feeding 1.venturi wears out
2.powder disperse sleeve wears out
3.powder pump atomizer got jam
4.powder fluidizing is not good
5.the powder got moisture
6.the powder is too thin
7.the powder transporting pipe is too long
8.unstable the compressed air.
9.unstable air pressure
10. the gun distance is too close.
1.replace the venturi
2.replace the powder disperse sleeve.
3.clean the powder pump
4.check the fluidizing air pressure
5.replace the powder or contact the powder supplier
6.check and adjust the rate of recycling powder against the raw powder.
7.adjust the powder transporting pipe
8.check the compressed air, and install the dryer.
9.chech any overload the compressed air.
10.increase the gun distance.
Bad fluidizing 1.the powder is too thin
2.the holes of the multi-holes spoiler in the fluidizing bed is too small
3.the multi-holes spoiler in the fluidizing bed got jam
4.the supplying pressure of the fluidizing bed is too low
5.too much more or too much less powder in the barrel
1. check and adjust the rate of recycling powder against the raw powder.
2.replace it
3. replace it
4.incrase the powder supply pressure.
5.ensure the powder in the barrel to be 1/3-3/4.
Impact melting appears in the powder supplying system 1.much strong powder supply rate
2.the powder particle diameter is not appropriate.
3.much more use the recycling powder
4.compressed air temperature is much high
5.powder transporting pipe got bend
6.the powder transporting pipe material is not appropriate.
1.reduce the powder supply pressure
2.contact the powder supplier and adjust the powder supply pressure.
3.reduce the recycling powder ratio
4.check the compressed air temperature, and clean any heating source nearby.
5.clear the bending pipe
6.check the powder transporting pipe and replace it if necessary.
Color change in small area 1.inadequate pre-treatment
2.some change in the part surface
1.check the pre-treatment
2.clean it by some chemical.
Uneven coating 1.bad powder absorption
2.operator got tired
3.the powder particle diameter is incorrect.
4.the parts of the gun installation is not reliable.
5.chain speed is not suitable
6.powder feeding is unevenly in the gun
7.the gun moving speed is not compatible with the chain speed.
8.the gun distribution is not appropriate.
9.the gun angle/distance is not appropriate.
10. the charging was interrupt
1.refer above the concerning
2.operator makes the shift working or auto coating.
3.contact the powder supplier.
4.check every part of the gun and ensure reliable installation.
5.adjust the chain speed.
6.refer to above concerning.
7.refer to above concerning.
8.adjust the gun distribution
9.chek the gun distribution
10.adjust the gun and not directly knock against.
Less powder feeding 1.input air pressure is too much low.
2.the lining pipe to the powder pump got jam
3.the powder pipe got jam
4.the feeding nozzle of  the gun got jam
5.the venturi wears out
1-5 clean
Power indicator off 1.the rear fuse in the main body was burnt.
2.power switch breaks down
1.replace the fuse
2.replace the power switch
Powder indicator on but not working 1.the control cable breaks up
2.the gun switch breaks down
1.replace the control cable
2.replace the gun switch
Electro-static induction or hand numb 1.improper main body grounding wire
2.improper part grounding wire
3.wear the insulated gloves or insulated shoes
1.correct the grounding wire
2.correct the grounding wire
3.remove the gloves or the shoes.

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